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South Carolina

My oldest son, now nine years old (let’s call him “Older Son”), completed his state report on South Carolina.  He made it very clear that he didn’t want to complete a state report.  It took more than the usual begging, pleading, and cajoling before we were able to convince him to participate with the family on this project.  I’m not sure why, I think it must have something to do with the way a nine year-old’s brain is wired.

His first attempt was done in pencil on a piece of typing paper.  I tried about ten times, and it simply wouldn’t scan in dark enough to be readable.  After another round of forceful persuasion, we finally convinced him to trace it over with a pen.  He chose not to write it over on a new sheet of paper in order to save time.  I’m impressed what he could quickly put together about the state of South Carolina.  One again the PDF version of his report is included here.

North Carolina

After making a mistake and writing my first report on South Carolina, I finally found time to write my report on the correct state, North Carolina.  Obviously, to save time, I reused my old template.  When I presented my report to my family, they were impressed by the use of a template from my Pages software.  It was a lot easier than it looks.

Without further ado, I now present our third report on the state of North Carolina.


For some reason, Tennessee was the state that caused the most fighting.  Everyone seemed to want to write a state report about Tennessee.  Maybe it was because Tennessee is known for country music, Elvis Presley, and is the birthplace of Davy Crockett.  Maybe it’s just because the name has so many pairs of double letters.

In any event, we solved the problem by assigning this state’s report to my wife, let’s call her “the Loving Wife.”  Oddly enough, she had the hardest time finding time to complete her state report and was the last to finish.  Maybe it’s because she was playing referee between Older Son and Younger Son’s constant battles.  In any event, she finished her report and was very pleased at how it turned out.

This report was also created using Apple’s Pages software, which has a number of nice templates to use for reports and presentations.  The library books we found were full of information on each state, and compiling the information wasn’t very difficult.  Here is her state report on Tennessee.


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