Highpoint #7: Michigan

L2140483Once we left the town of L’Anse in Michigan, we found this highpoint was at the end of a dirt road.  Thinking we didn’t have very far to travel, we forged ahead down the road above.  Little did we know.

After driving on the dirt road for several miles, we came to a roadblock.

L2140485The roadblock was somewhat of a joke since it looked like people had just created a path to the left around the roadblock.  (See below.)

L2140486Taking the side path would not be a smart move, since the road contained a number of fallen trees, most of which had been covered by dirt making a rather large bump in the road.  It looked as if only ATVs could travel past the road block.

The signs pointing the way to this highpoint were very well placed, although the GPS we used in the car did not seem to want us to follow the marked route.  We ignored the GPS and followed the road signs.

L2140484Overall, it was the most difficult highpoint road we have encountered, although this road was not very steep.  It would be advisable for anyone traveling to this highpoint to take a four-wheel drive vehicle, especially if it has recently rained.

When we arrived at the highpoint, it looked like a small camp site.  It had a picnic table, a fire pit, a grill, and a bench.  There was a log book in a small box mounted to a tree, placed there by a scouting group.  There was also a personal memorial to someone mounted to a tree.  We had mixed feelings about this.  On one hand, using a state highpoint for a personal memorial is a little tacky.  On the other, it certainly is an interesting way to remember someone.  Someone had also placed a log on one of the benches, to be used as a stand for a self portrait.

L2140492We found the marker, and took the obligatory family photograph to prove we had been there.

L2140501On your way out, make sure you take a look at the hidden lake.  The view was very, very nice.

L2140488Overall, another interesting highpoint accomplished!

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