Highpoint #12: Rhode Island

P1000779Now that we have experienced several different types of highpoints, it is becoming clear that some states rank fairly low on the impressiveness scale when it comes to the height of their highpoint.  Rhode Island and it’s highest point, Jerimoth Hill, is near the bottom.  Similar to Iowa, Jerimoth hill is more of a bump in the ground than an actual hill or mountain.  At 812 feet, is is one of the easiest highpoints to bag.  This bode well for us since it was pouring rain the day we decided to attempt this summit.  Since the ground was flat, we were not concerned with slipping on wet rocks.

After parking our car on the side of the road (note that there are no parking lots), we followed a worn path into the woods, next to what appeared to be a private driveway.


The path is easy to follow, and it doesn’t take long before you reach a small clearing.  There are signs posted on trees, even though it isn’t really necessary.


The first thing you will notice in the clearing are the locked sheds and cabinets on the property, which may have been used to house astronomy equipment.  There is also a cement platform on one end of the clearing with some telescope mounts.


On the side of the clearing closest to where the path ends is a small rock, about five feet across.  On top are a few stacked rocks, the highest point in Rhode Island.  It is not very impressive.


We spent almost fifteen minutes looking for a geological marker.  The closest one we found was actually a short distance back down the path.  There ended up being several markers like this down the path, so we stopped for a quick photograph.


Highpoint number 12 is finished!  Although not very impressive, it is easy and a quick one to complete.

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