Highpoint #11: New Jersey


It was slightly foggy on the day we chose to drive to New Jersey’s highpoint at Highpoint State Park.  The top of the monument that New Jersey had placed at its highest point was partially obscured by the clouds.  The drive up to this highpoint was easy, and there is ample parking at the top.  Entry into the park cost $10, and is also dependent on whether you are an in-state resident or an out of state visitor.


After parking our car, we walked along a short road to the monument.  When we arrived, the views from the monument were wonderful, and you can walk entirely around the base.


From the base of the tower, we were able to hear the yelling of children playing at a lake nearby, which was probably a half mile away.  Inside, they have an attendant who is able to answer questions, although it was apparent that there were not many visitors on the day we arrived.

There is a short spiral staircase inside the monument which leads to another set of stairs that runs around the outer edge of the interior of the structure.


The circular staircase is fairly easy to climb, but the upper staircase is not for the feint of heart or those afraid of heights.  There are a total of 291 steps to the top, and yes, we counted.


It was also apparent that the building needs better ventilation, since the walls, floor, and ceilings were wet.  Most of the windows were heavily obscured, and the view from the top, although breathtaking, was seriously compromised by the dirty, wet, and foggy windows.


It took us a few minutes, after asking the attendant for the location, to find the geological marker outside on some rocks.  One obligatory photo later and we had logged our travels to our eleventh state highpoint.


We certainly enjoyed this park and New Jersey’s highpoint.  It reminded us of Tennessee’s highpoint, and shows what a state can really do if they decide to turn their highpoint into a destination for visitors.




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