Highpoint #9: Massachusetts

P1000684After trusting the TomTom app on my iPhone to get us to the Massachusetts highpoint, Mt. Greylock, we ended up on a rough dirt road that was an apparent shortcut to the nice paved road leading to this state’s highpoint.  Mt. Greylock is located in the Northwest corner of Massachusetts, and stands at a modest 3,491 feet tall.


Since this highpoint is a drive-up, it is very easy to reach the summit.  We had to pay three dollars to park in the parking lot next to the visitor center because we were considered out of state visitors.  In-state visitors are only charged two dollars, and verification is done by looking at the car’s license plate.


The walk to the tower at the summit is only a few hundred feet from the parking lot.  On the day we visited, the top of the tower was closed for renovations, but the bottom of the tower was open for visitors.  The weather for this summit was nice.  It was a little breezy and cool at the summit, and we had on light jackets to stay warm.  We had a hard time finding the geological marker for this summit, so we took our group photo next to the image on the floor of the tower.


On our way out, we stopped at the visitor center.  The center is a temporary destination for those who are hiking the Appalachian Trail, and contains sleeping quarters upstairs.  We stopped to talk with a few of the hikers who were resting outside on the day we visited.  One hiker was heading South, and had already travelled 600 miles.  Three other hikers were traveling North, and had hiked 1600 miles already, after starting 135 days earlier.  After recovering from the shock of hiking that far, I asked how the hikers had managed to get time off of work.  Most had quit their jobs before starting, and one hiker indicated he had cancer – so he was fulfilling a dream before dying.

This highpoint was one of the nicer highpoints we have visited thus far.  If you get a chance, stop and talk to some of the hikers, their stories are incredible.

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